Baca Short Courses
Age 13-15 years old

BACA Art Center, East Side Ground Floor, Building B, Yonghe Tower


Fashion Illustration workshop

Fashion illustration, also known as fashion sketching, is an art form that visually conveys fashion concepts. Fashion illustrations showcase trends and elements derived from fashion trends or cutting-edge fashion ideas, playing a crucial role in presenting designers' creative ideas. The earliest form of fashion illustration can be traced back to fashion design sketches, and having strong hand-drawing skills for fashion sketches is an essential requirement for every successful fashion designer.

Fashion illustration serves as the foundation of fashion design. Through the illustration course, students can develop their own fashion creativity and ideas. Under the guidance of the teacher, students will use collage, real-life objects, and painting techniques to create their fashion illustrations. Fashion illustration requires students to think creatively because creative design is not simply copying or manipulating materials. During the teaching process, the teacher will provide creative thinking techniques to help students brainstorm and guide them in refining their creative ideas and concepts.

The course will provide several valuable takeaways:

The fashion illustration course will help students master the observation and sketching of different body poses, the use of various art mediums, the control of different techniques, and the interpretation of different styles through observational exercises and sketching practice. It will assist students in exploring the principles of figure drawing and capturing their artistic emotions and style through fashion illustration. Students will overcome the anxiety of facing a blank page, become proficient in depicting the human body and poses in fashion illustration, and gain an understanding of the characteristics of various art mediums.