Baca FAQ

My child has a passion for art and has been practicing drawing for many years, but we're unsure about which professional path to pursue.

BACA offers various options to explore. Students aged 15 or above can enroll. Our school allows them to explore different disciplines such as fashion design, graphic design, fine arts, and more. They can then focus on their chosen field and complete graduation projects and portfolios. Additionally, BACA offers different international courses for students aged 6-16 who have a passion for art and design. For more information, here.

Can high school students with no prior professional training and no art background apply to overseas art schools?

For high school students without prior art training, programs such as fashion management, fashion buying, fashion brand management, and media-related majors do not require a fine art background. The BACA Fashion and Media Management Course (Grade 12) is available for eligible students.

If your child is interested in specific art and design-related majors like graphic design, textile design, printmaking, or ceramics, they can consider the BACA A-Level (Grade 10 or 11) courses. These courses develop abstract thinking skills, creativity, and proficiency in professional English.

What can students learn at BACA?

At BACA, students learn through the art foundation and A-Level high school curriculum systems from the UK's National Examination Board.(link) The teaching is conducted entirely in English, following the British system. Students start with fundamental art and design theory and skills and then engage in project-based learning to explore specific fields and gain hands-on experience.

Where do BACA's teachers come from?

BACA's teachers are full-time English-speaking foreign instructors with teaching experience at prestigious British art schools like the Royal College of Art. They understand international art and design students and have guided applications to top institutions. BACA also collaborates with renowned technical instructors and life mentors to ensure students' academic progress and well-being.

BACA doesn't have a campus, so is it safe for my child who is under 18 to study at BACA?

BACA International Art Education Center is located on the 8th floor of Yonghe Building in Dongcheng District, Beijing, within Beijing's 2nd Ring Road. It is surrounded by major government agencies and cultural enterprises, offering a clean and safe environment.

Furthermore, it is adjacent to historical and cultural landmarks such as the Lama Temple, Confucius Temple, Temple of Earth Park, and Liang Qichao's former residence. It is also close to contemporary art and cultural landmarks such as Qinglong Cultural Innovation Street, Wudaoying Hutong, and the 798 Art Zone. These locations provide abundant artistic and cultural resources for students to draw inspiration from.

I want to give my child an opportunity to develop independence before going abroad. Does BACA provide dormitory facilities?

BACA offers various accommodation options through partnerships with Vanke and the Baosheng Group in Hong Kong (links). Experienced residential teachers support students, providing feedback, fostering independence, and promoting good habits.

How can parents stay informed about their child's academic and personal life at BACA?

Parents can stay informed about their child's academic and personal life through BACA's communication channels. Each grade has dedicated Chinese support staff for regular updates on attendance, progress, and application arrangements. Parent Committees hold seminars to address concerns and provide assistance.

What guidance and support does BACA provide during the university application stage?

BACA provides guidance and support during the university application stage. Specialized teachers offer personalized counseling, help with applications and interviews, and assist with study visa procedures for institutions like the Royal College of Art and other international universities.