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The BACA A-Level is the perfect choice for students seeking a unique and creative approach to learning. We combine pre-foundation training with vocational excellence, providing students with a comprehensive education that equips them for both academic and professional success. At BACA, we take pride in our ability to support students in finding and following their individual creative paths. Our highly skilled and experienced teachers, who are also accomplished artists, offer invaluable advice and guidance.

Within the BACA A-Level, you will also have the opportunity to develop your English writing, listening and speaking skills. Our art-focused English department will provide a strong foundation for your future education and career prospects. On the BACA A-Level you will fulfil your creative potential.

Enrolling onto the BACA A-Level course at the age of 15 provides a distinct advantage for students who want to fully prepare for advanced educational programs at BACA, such as Fashion and Art management, as well as the BACA Foundation. However, students who already possess fundamental art and design experience can enrol at 16 and attain their A-Level certification in one year.


You have the choice to attend the BACA A-Level for one or two years. Our teachers will advise you during your interview which course is the best fit for you. Generally, the less experienced you are in your pursuits in becoming a creator within art, design, and media the more likely it is that our team will advise you to join the BACA Two-Year A-Level programme. This way we ensure the smoothest transition into the UK education system.
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The primary educational aim of this course is to offer an introduction to a variety of art, design and media disciplines. Upon completion of the programme, students will receive one or two Pearson Edexcel A-Levels in Art and Design.

About the Certification

BACA provides the Pearson Edexcel A-Level in Art and Design. Whilst being respected as a globally recognised education provider, Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body, offers academic and vocational qualifications. For further information, please visit their qualification website: qualifications.pearson.com

What our teachers say

At this level, students are encouraged to study concepts such as argument analysis, assessing evidence and problem solving. The course is designed to develop critical thinking and apply these skills to the students' studio practice as well as their understanding of historical and cultural contexts.

Tim Crowley

Contextual studies teacher at Baca A-Level

Throughout the A-Level programme the students are encouraged to express their conceptual and aesthetic abilities. The main objectives are to enable the students to develop technical knowledge, creative and analytical skills that enhances their professional competence throughout their chosen fields.

Alla Batiuk

Textiles teacher at Baca A-Level

Baca A-Level is where any creative young adult can progress and lay the foundation for a career in the creative industries. Learners gain an individual understanding of visual perception and aesthetic experience. The main learning objectives are Experimentation, Researching, Recording and Presenting. These are the best guidelines throughout any creative education and career.

Charlie Dutton

Photography teacher at Baca A-Level

At BACA, we provide a multi-disciplinary, creative field of visual subjects. We believe that the most effective method in providing quality education is to expose students to a well-balanced course of study, encompassing the fundamental theories in various communication contexts and media platforms.

Jo Malcolm

Graphics teacher at Baca A-Level

The A-Level introduces the students to diverse ways of creating art. Ways, based around the production not reproduction of ideas. We at BACA encourage students to research, document and constantly re-assess the art of art making, developing a healthy questioning of their processes, and completed works.

Liam Yeates

Fine art teacher at Baca A-Level

The Facilities

At BACA, we believe that a supportive and well-equipped environment is essential for unleashing creativity and fostering artistic growth. The A-Level facilities are located in the heart of Beijing's historical hutongs near Lama Temple. Our modern education complex provides an encouraging environment for all creative pursuits.

You will have access to our fully-equipped art studio, workshop rooms, graphic design and media studio, as well as the BACA English classroom. Our specialized teachers and technicians are committed to helping you work safely and creatively, so you can focus on developing your artistic potential.

What our alumni say

During my three years at BACA, I greatly enjoyed the guidance from teachers and collaboration with classmates in project work. From research and development to the final product, I witnessed the entire project lifecycle. The exploratory process allowed me to delve into different materials while reflecting on successes and failures. As a result, the final product held personal meaning and represented my creative journey.


A-Level alumni who proceeded to Baca Foundation in 2023

Studying at BACA A-level is like entering a dream land. You'll find yourself in winding alleys, accompanied by the cheerful chirping of birds in cages that hang from the rafters of the old men's houses. The faint aroma of coffee lingers in the air, tickling your nose and tempting you to take a sip. It's a magical world filled with adventure and wonder. The teachers are your mentors and friends, guiding and supporting you. During your A-Levels, there is plenty of time to explore, dare, fail and try again. Here, I learned to trust myself and have confidence in my ideas.


A-Level alumni who proceeded to Baca Foundation in 2023

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