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What’s your goal?

  • Are you 17 or older with a passion for Art, Design or Media?
  • Are you looking to expand on your ideas and develop your own style in a chosen field?
  • Do you want to learn how to develop a project from start to end?
  • A-Level year two or high school in China, the USA, Canada, Australia or the UK?
  • Are you dreaming of attending the world's most prestigious art schools in the UK, Canada, the USA, or Australia?
  • You have an English Level of IELTS 5.0 or higher?
  • You’re looking to create a meaningful portfolio that showcases your skills and passions?

If you have answered these questions with yes, BACA FAD is the ideal course for you.

BACA Foundation is a fast-paced course which requires you to be creatively mature, out-spoken as well as resilient to a highly competitive environment. If you are seeking to dig deeper into topics such as Visual Communication, Fine Art, Fashion or Textiles Design, 3D or Film, BACA FAD is the right place for you.

At BACA FAD you will develop these skills: observational, visual and reporting skills, research skills, cultural and contextual referencing, idea development skills, critical thinking and communication skills, material and technical experience. Furthermore, you will learn how to develop a project from scratch.

At BACA, we take pride in our ability to support students in finding and following their individual creative paths. Our highly skilled and experienced teachers, who are also accomplished artists, offer invaluable advice and guidance.

Throughout your time at BACA, you will enjoy personalized English language support by native speakers, enabling you to express your ideas as well as understand and engage with the work of others.

Course Goal

The primary educational aim of this course is to develop your project skills. During BACA FAD, you will also apply to university, using your very own portfolio while receiving guidance for your application interview in English.

Upon completion of the programme, you will receive the Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice. This qualification is equivalent to the a high school degree as well as the BACA international Diploma.

About the Certification

BACA provides the Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice. Whilst being respected as a globally recognised education provider, Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body, offers academic and vocational qualifications. For further information, please visit their website:


BACA Foundation offers three main pathways with many sub-topics to give you the opportunity to choose any specification best suited for your creative pursuits. During the first phase of BACA Foundation, you will deepen your understanding of possible pathways by investigation and experimentation while keeping your future goals in mind. Once you have gotten an overview and have defined your education goals, you will choose your pathway.

The final phase consists of choosing and completing your self-initiated, final project, which will display an exhibition piece.

Each pathway consists of multiple projects, whose end results will make up your portfolio for university application.

Fine Art (sculpture, illustration, painting)

If you're looking to develop new approaches and strategies towards research, then studying Fine Art could be the perfect choice for you. At BACA, we believe in empowering students to independently conceptualize and contextualize projects through experimentation and investigation. Our focus is on providing a hands-on, tactile approach to making, with a primary emphasis on conceptual development and deconstructing mediums such as drawing, sculpture, painting, video, and performance.

We're passionate about helping students learn new approaches and be exposed to conceptual forms of processes to develop professional behaviors. This course is specifically designed for mixed media-based artists and illustrators, as well as students who are interested in exploring the potential of processes and mediums and who are curious about the limitations and potential of materials.

Career Opportunities

If you're considering pursuing a degree in Fine Art, it's important to know that there are many exciting job opportunities available to graduates in this field. With a strong portfolio that demonstrates your creative and practical skills, you can explore a wide range of career options, including roles such as advertising art director, animator, art therapist, ceramics designer, commercial art gallery manager, community arts worker, concept artist, conservator, exhibition designer, fine artist, graphic designer, illustrator, interior designer, jewelry designer and many more.

3D Design

We have two sub-pathways in 3D pathway:

3D(architecture, spatial, interior and product design)

If you're looking to expand your knowledge of 3D design and apply it to various fields such as architecture, interior design, and product design, then this pathway is the perfect fit for you. We're passionate about helping students explore different styles and techniques of 3D design while gaining inspiration from real-world examples and projects.

Through this pathway, you'll learn how to develop your own concepts and ideas for 3D design using sketching, brainstorming, and research methods. You'll also gain valuable skills in evaluating your designs based on aesthetics, functionality, and feasibility criteria. With a focus on hands-on learning, you'll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real-world design challenges and build a portfolio of 3D designs that showcase your skills and creativity.

3D Modeling and Visual Effects

We delve into the intricate creative process behind 3D asset development and its pivotal role in computer-animated movies and visual effects within the film industry. Our journey encompasses the following stages:

Conceptualization and Ideation:

  • We commence by nurturing initial ideas and translating them into tangible concepts.
  • Through sketches and drawings, we lay the groundwork for our 3D assets.

Modeling and Sculpting:

The heart of our process lies in the meticulous creation of 3D models.

Employing industry-standard software, we sculpt and refine our assets, ensuring accuracy and aesthetic appeal.

Surface Properties and Textures:

  • By applying materials and textures we add next level of realism to our models.

Integration and Contextualization:

  • Our final goal is seamless integration of our assets and the source material
  • In case of computer animation or virtual stages, we will integrate our assets in complex scenes and develop the creative narrative

Career Opportunities

Possible career paths include film and television industry, game development, commercial advertising, architectural, interior design and product design studios, where you will be able to develop your professional skills further but also apply all the knowledge you have mastered so far. If you have decided for the technical arts for theater, you will open a door to theater and movie industry in designing and creating various props and elements used in every day production.

Fashion and Textiles

As a fashion or textile design student, you'll need to be flexible, creative, and learn practical skills to create meaningful and sustainable content that resonates with your audience.

Studying textile design involves learning various approaches to creating and manipulating surfaces using hands-on skills and processes like print, embroidery, and stitching applied to already-existing materials. You'll also create your own structural materials through weaving, knitting, crochet, tufting, and experimenting with unconventional or biodegradable substances. This field offers excellent career opportunities in fashion design, interior design, and textile engineering.

Studying fashion requires learning about design, production, and marketing while developing technical and creative skills to create sustainable and innovative garment constructions that reflect functionality and purpose. As a fashion design student, you'll be a multi-skilled and independent worker with the ability to imagine and translate ideas from two-dimensional visions into three-dimensional constructions on the body. You'll learn to develop and design patterns, pattern cutting, sewing, extensive hand-drawing, sample making, experimenting, and presenting using multimedia.

Career opportunities

Fashion offers numerous career opportunities, from designing for women's or men's wear to costume, lingerie, or sportswear design. You can also explore careers in creative direction, tailoring, product management, fashion development, and marketing. As a textiles designer, you can create innovative materials for the fashion industry, work in interior design or textile engineering, or explore production careers. Both career paths offer creative possibilities and opportunities to make a positive impact on the industry. With a bright future ahead, there's a career path for everyone in the exciting world of fashion and textiles!

Visual Communication

Graphic and Media Design

Graphic and Media Design is a pathway for students interested in using visual mediums to communicate a variety of ideas to different audiences and users. In the course, students will develop their understanding of the design process while defining their own visual language. They will learn to use design for social, commercial and innovative purposes, learning to reflect critically on the role of the designer in all sorts of environments. Graphic design fields include typography, printing, editorial, audiovisual, interaction, user experience, packaging, branding, information design, among many other orientations. Students will be encouraged to explore these different fields while learning to be innovative and socially engaged in their communication and projects.

Career Opportunities

This field offers career opportunities in the commercial sector as brand designer, advertising designer, multimedia designer, editorial designer or art director. Graphic designers can also consider the social, cultural and environmental sector by using their visual skills to become social designers. At last, the innovation sector is another orientation for graphic designers that want to be interaction designers, user experience designers, web designers or service designers.

Filmmaking and Animation

Learning filmmaking involves gaining proficiency in the technical and creative aspects of creating visual storytelling through the medium of film or video. This includes understanding film theory, acquiring technical skills such as camera operation and editing software, planning pre-production by writing scripts and sourcing locations or props, capturing footage during production, and putting it all together during post-production through editing and color grading. It requires a passion for storytelling and a dedication to the craft.

Learning animation involves bringing characters and objects to life through hand drawn animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and computer-generated imagery. This requires understanding animation principles, gaining proficiency in software and tools, learning storytelling techniques, creating engaging graphics, producing realistic visual effects, and understanding 3D modeling. It requires a combination of technical skills, artistic creativity, and a passion for storytelling.

Career Opportunities

One option is becoming a Film Director, responsible for bringing the script to life and directing the actors to achieve the desired vision. Another is becoming a Film Editor, responsible for piecing together the footage and creating the final product.

Production Designers are responsible for designing the overall look and feel of the film, including set design and costumes, while Cinematographers handle the visual aspects of the film, such as lighting and camera angles.

Producers oversee the entire production process, from developing the idea to securing funding and managing budgets. Character Designers create the unique characters, and Storyboard Artists create the visual roadmap for the film.

Finally, Concept Artists bring the film's vision to life by creating visual concepts and designs. All these careers require talent, skill, and creativity, and offer exciting opportunities for those passionate about filmmaking.


Learning photography involves acquiring knowledge and skills related to capturing, processing, and producing visual images using a camera. This includes understanding camera equipment as well as composition, lighting, and editing techniques. Learning photography also involves developing an eye for visual storytelling and the ability to communicate ideas and emotions through images. This will foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Photographers will explore a multitude of approaches to the photographic image, including photojournalism and documentary photography, to fine art photography.

Career Opportunities

Photography offers various career paths, including becoming a photographer, Creative Director, or Post Production Supervisor. As a photographer, you can work in different settings and specialize in various types of photography. Creative Directors oversee the overall creative direction of a project, and Post Production Supervisors handle the editing process. All three careers require technical skills and creative talent, but also demand collaboration and communication skills.

What the course leader says

Studying Fine Art and Illustration at BACA FAD will confront students to explore new research strategies, independent conceptualisation as well as hands-on making. I focus on deconstructing various mediums and developing professional behaviours. This course is ideal for mixed-media-based artists and illustrators who seek to explore various angles and are curious of looking for their materials’ limitations as well as potential.

Kerry Challis Thomas

Fine art and illustration teacher at Baca Foundation

In graphic and media design, students will learn to develop advanced design projects from the stages of research and experimentation to idea generation and realisation, while communicating their intentions through a variety of mediums. They will explore the foundations of graphic design and communication by learning to develop strong concepts that are socially engaging. This course is also suitable for young designers interested in interaction and user experience design

Thomas Verbal

Graphic and media design teacher at Baca Foundation

The VC pathway, photography and film, is the ideal place for students who wish to work in lens-based media and storytelling. This course is designed to empower storytellers in a variety of mediums, beginning with a holistic approach to visual communication that then narrows into specific skills. Aspiring film makers, animators, visual effects artists and photographers will develop their skills together and become more effective visual communicators. They will create projects with an emphasis on technical skills to complement their concept development work.

Frederico Castelbranco

Photography and film teacher at Baca Foundation

Studying Fashion at Baca Foundation offers a highly unique experience that allows students to discover who they are, explore and expand their individual ideas creatively in an encouraging and supportive environment. It is our aim to guide students towards reaching their full potential, taking creative risks and overcome challenges that strengthens their own practice as artist or designers.

Janine Grosche

Fashion teacher at Baca Foundation

Baca Foundation Textiles enables the students to develop their skills as well as personality and really grow as an artist. They are profiting from Baca’s pathway diversity as they are influenced by their pathway as well as by what other students are focusing on.

Sakura Fischer

Textiles teacher at Baca Foundation

BACA FAD 3D is a perfect opportunity for students to develop their skills and learn to plan as well as develop ideas in a three-dimensional setting. Working together in BACA’s cross-disciplinary environment enables them to leave their confinements and start exploring concepts and ideas they previously haven’t considered. These abilities lay the foundation for an education abroad and it really becomes eminent once students start classes at their desired art school.

Zlatko Sejdinovic

3D teacher at Baca Foundation

The Facilities

At BACA, we believe that a supportive and well-equipped environment is essential for unleashing creativity and fostering artistic growth. We are located in the heart of Beijing, close to Lama Temple. Our modern education complex provides an encouraging environment for all creative pursuits.

You will have access to a 3D printer, sweing machines, various fabrics and tools as well as film making equipment. Our specialized teachers and technicians are committed to helping you work safely and creatively, so you can focus on developing your artistic potential.

What our alumni say

During my study year at Baca Foundation, the most beneficial aspect was the cultivation of independence. Unlike relying solely on teachers, Baca's teaching method prioritizes student thinking, granting freedom and potential in both themes and work methods. The exceptional atmosphere at Baca further enhanced this experience, providing separate work-spaces that immersed me in my creative process.


Textile alumni from 2023, now studying textile design at University of the Arts London

At BACA, the learning environment is characterized by openness, emphasizing the importance of having a clear target in mind. One must be conscious of their project's needs as it progresses. Personally, I encountered a significant challenge in acquiring software and coding skills, which necessitated self-driven exploration, persistent efforts, and continuous practice to achieve mastery. In my view, the most significant accomplishment in this journey has been the cultivation of my self-learning abilities.


VC alumni from 2023, now studies UX Design and London College of Communications

My experience during the foundation year at BACA was truly captivating. I gained comprehensive knowledge in research, critical thinking, modeling, and production, which equipped me with a well-rounded learning system. The faculty at BACA provided us with a remarkable degree of freedom and treated us as undergraduate students, fostering the development of my time management skills and project coordination.


3D alumni from 2023, now studies architecture at Central Saint Martins

During my one-year study at FAD, I acquired a profound comprehension of art, which facilitated a gradual transformation of my initial "enthusiasm for art" into a more independent and nuanced perspective. Joining BACA will further consolidate this foundation for your future university endeavors. Here, the dedicated faculty members will assist you not only in enhancing your creative production and technical skills but also in fostering critical thinking and developing fundamental conceptual understanding, which are paramount aspects of artistic education.


Fine arts alumni from 2023, now studies at Fine Art Goldsmiths, University of London

On the eighth floor in the morning, you can hear the gentle sound of the wind blowing the window chains. As you approach the window, it seems like the whole city is transitioning into autumn and laid out before your eyes. You also hear the sound of motorcycles delivering food, vendors calling out their wares, and birds chirping. The city's rooftops glisten with the early morning sun, and you know that your friends and respected mentors are on their way. You will all gather again at the communal white table to work towards your goals.


She graduated in 2022 and just started her first year in London. She studies fine art drawing at Camberwell College of Arts.

BACA has helped me become more confident, find the direction that really suits me, and has given me a real insight into what the process of development looks like. Each of the BACA teachers has their own teaching style and method. The Chinese support staff were very dedicated to helping students with applications and interviews. My main teacher, Sakura, supported my idea brainstorming and encouraged as well as supervised me when needed. I really enjoyed working with all teachers at BACA!


Jenny graduated in 2022 and now started studying at textile design at the Chelsea College of Arts.

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