Interview with
Wu Xinlei

BACA Course
International Fashion Management and Media Foundation

Kingston University, Entrepreneurship and Cultural Industries, UK

The future fashion talents have grown significantly during their time in BACA's specialized management foundation, collaborating with students from other BACA disciplines and simulating their own market projects. This time, we interviewed Wu Xinlei to understand her thoughts on fashion.

My Project

Among all the projects I have completed so far, my favorite and most satisfying one is the second project: "Change of Season." In this project, I designed two seasons, winter and summer, window displays for Van Cleef & Arpels' Lover's Bridge watch series. I completed posters and a 3D model video.

In the current era where online shopping is mainstream, competition among offline stores is fierce. I believe that what can instantly attract customers in offline stores is the window display. Being a leader in the jewelry industry, any changes made by Van Cleef & Arpels can spark discussions and imitations within the industry. Hence, I chose this challenging brand for my project.

My Viewpoint

The core viewpoint of this project is to enable consumers to understand the product's story and concept at first glance of the window display. Referring to some of Van Cleef & Arpels' previous window designs, they often use simple backgrounds to highlight the products. While this approach allows consumers to see the products clearly, it may require them to enter the store and interact with the staff to understand the concepts fully. It lacks attraction for passersby who are just window shopping, and therefore, the products may not be well promoted. However, I noticed that some of Van Cleef & Arpels' video advertisements or promotional images have cartoon elements and some exaggerated store designs. So, I wanted to break the norm and create a window display full of storytelling elements. It can attract people passing by and enhance product promotion.

Assistance from BACA

Throughout the preparation of my portfolio, I made countless revisions. Watching it transform from messy and disorganized to tightly structured and logical was incredibly satisfying. Of course, during this process, Aschkan, my teacher, provided me with tremendous help. Whether it was on weekends, holidays, or late at night, he always promptly addressed my questions and provided feedback. As long as I followed his instructions step by step, I wouldn't go wrong.

The most challenging aspect for me in the project was 3D, as I had never dealt with it before. With the help of Zlatko, I learned some basic operations using Maya software. Zlatko was very nice and patiently answered all my questions. Sometimes, when I hesitated to ask, he would proactively inquire if I needed assistance.

Experience at BACA

Before coming to BACA, I had always attended schools within the education system. The stress and pressure of studying there prevented me from being myself, and even my childhood passion for art gradually faded away. However, it all changed when my sister was accepted into London College of Fashion. Listening to her describe her experiences studying and working there reignited my passion for art. So, in my sophomore year, I came to BACA.

The feeling at BACA is truly different from my previous school. Students and teachers treat each other like friends, joking around without adding pressure. They see us as independent individuals with ideas, and they show great respect. There's no need to fear language barriers, as the foreign teachers listen carefully; all we need to do is express our thoughts. Moreover, at BACA, I made a group of like-minded friends! Coming to school every day is a joy, and we will also become alumni at London College of Fashion in the future! I believe this is essential for our growth!

During this application season, we will continue to update the admission news of BACA students. Congratulations again to all the students, and BACA will always be there to support you on your journey.