BACA Art Center, East Side Ground Floor, Building B, Yonghe Tower


Illustration workshop

Illustration is an important form of visual communication that holds a unique position in modern design, fashion, and visual arts due to its intuitive imagery, realistic sense of life, and captivating appeal. Illustration has been widely used in various fields of modern cultural life, including cultural activities, social welfare, commercial events, and film and television culture. The creation of illustrative art is typically exploratory, emphasizing observation, composition, and individual creativity. It also requires a certain level of drawing skills.

As one of the oldest forms of visual art expression, painting is typically a creative process that utilizes lines, tones, and various materials on paper or other surfaces. Painting works are visual expressions on a two-dimensional plane and are considered the foundation of visual arts practice, exerting a significant influence on the development of students' creative thinking. Training in painting skills enables students to gain a deeper understanding of artistic principles, enhance their innovative abilities in artistic creation, and cultivate a strong aesthetic sense. In the short-term illustration course, we will learn the basic knowledge and techniques of different painting mediums, exercise visual thinking, creativity, and critical thinking, and create visually appealing and highly creative illustration works.

The course will provide several valuable takeaways

In the course, students will enhance their painting skills by learning different techniques and using various materials and tools. The aim is to provide students with a solid understanding of the basic theory, knowledge, and professional techniques of illustration, as well as develop their fundamental artistic abilities. The instructional content of the illustration course primarily focuses on improving students' expressive capabilities and supplementing their imaginative and creative thinking training. Additionally, we aim to provide students with a free and expansive creative space to stimulate their creative abilities and cultivate and enhance their aesthetic thinking, artistic literacy, and artistic taste.