Zlatko Sejdinovic

Zlatko holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Computer Technologies from the University of Belgrade.
Although coming from a technical and engineering-oriented background, Zlatko followed his passion for 3D animation and the film industry early on.

Starting with student projects, he progressed towards the more demanding animation and movie production. Having had the opportunity to work on some of the high-profile projects, such as Hollywood movies and TV series in Europe, Zlatko has also worked in the Chinese film and TV industry. Here, he also worked as a 3D artist, on-set, CG and VFX supervisor. The BACA instructor also started pursuing the educational path, using his experience to teach new generations. He became an Autodesk Certified Instructor, and worked at several training centers. 
Zlatko joined BACA as 3D Pathway Leader FAD in 2022. At BACA, he is using his educational insights to interest, engage and push his students to strive for excellence and push their boundaries of imagination. Next to his teaching skills and his hands-on understanding of VFX, modeling and rendering, Zlatko brings his in-depth knowledge of the industry to the table. 
For Zlatko, two things are a must: having a great relationship with colleagues as well as students and always being ready to learn new things. This, he also transfers to his teaching style: He tries to teach his students to keep their eyes open for new things and ideas, learning from themselves as well as from others.

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About Zlatko Sejdinovic
When he is not working, you’ll catch him with a camera and a book, wandering through the streets of Beijing, looking for that interesting moment that stays with him, long after the shutter clicks. And if he does not find it, he will sit and read about experiences of others, of this wonderful world we’re all sharing.