Interview with
Yang Haoxiang

BACA Course
 International Fashion Management and Media Foundation

London College of Fashion, Sportswear Design Bachelor's Degree, UK

Yang Haoxiang has grown significantly during her studies in BACA's International Fashion Management and Media Foundation. This time, we interviewed Yang Haoxiang to explore her thoughts on sportswear.

Learning Achievements

During the process of studying at BACA, the teachers were very responsible, paying attention to the unique development direction and style of each student. They provided strict supervision and professional advice in academic design. For instance, Aschkan, the teacher, had various creative ideas, and his thinking was very divergent, inspiring me with many fresh elements. The study plan was also arranged very reasonably. The creative process requires repeated adjustments to the details and testing of materials, which is an essential stage. The classmates around me also influenced and assisted me with creative ideas and interactions.

My Graduation Project

Regarding the new attempt in sportswear design, traditional leisure clothing often lacks fun for those who seek novel experiments due to its fixed styles. Personally, I am very interested in hip-hop music and the fusion of different cultures. This time, I took two of my favorite artists, M.i.a and SIA, as starting points. I conducted research based on their cultural backgrounds and created sportswear with rich colors and different materials, such as sequins, a fabric that is not easy to sew. This transforms sportswear from mere equipment for physical activities to an elegant and aesthetically pleasing category of clothing. I hope everyone can feel the charm of sportswear through my work.

Yang Haoxiang will continue her studies in the Sportswear Design Bachelor's Degree program at London College of Fashion.

During this application season, we will continue to update the admission news of BACA students. Congratulations again to all the students, and BACA will always be there to support you on your journey.