BACA Art Center, East Side Ground Floor, Building B, Yonghe Tower

For 13 Years Olds+ (Winter Courses)


Photography and Drawing

Tutor:Charlie Dutton

Time:22/01/2024 |Monday | 10:00-12:30 14:00-16:30

In the "Photography and Drawing" course, students will explore the realm of visual expression through three mediums: photography, cyanotype and creative drawing. In the early stage of the course, students will conduct initial research in the surrounding community under the guidance of our teacher. They will explore various landscapes, architecture and people in the community, using photography techniques to capture unique visual elements and emotional atmospheres. Through this primary research, students will develop their observation

and perception skills, gaining a better understanding of the relationship between photography art and the environment. During the in-depth exploration of the cyanotype art, students will learn the preparation method of

emulsion and master the processes of development and printing. Through the historical printing process, students will create unique artworks with blue tones.

Finally, students will coming back to the studio for more creative & observational drawing techniques. By experimenting with different drawing techniques and mediums, they will explore diverse forms of expression and styles. Through the "Photography and Drawing" course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of photography, cyanotype and creative drawing. It will stimulate their exploration of creativity and artistic skills, broaden their artistic horizons, and cultivate their powers of observation, perception and critical thinking.

Note: students need to bring their own mobile phones or cameras for this course.

Graphic Design

Tutor:Tom Chin

Time:23/01/2024 | Tuesday | 10:00-12:30 14:00-16:30

In this course, students will receive comprehensive instruction on vectors and their applications in the field of graphic design. They will gain a deep understanding of how vectors are utilized to create precise and scalable artwork, manipulate shapes, and control typography. The course will focus on Adobe Illustrator, a widely recognized industry-standard software employed by graphic designers and illustrators. Through hands-on exercises, students will develop key skills in vector-based design, mastering various drawing tools and advanced techniques. By the end of the course, students will be proficient in creating visually stunning graphics that can be easily adapted for different mediums.

In addition to exploring vectors, students will also delve into the fascinating world of creating repeated prints for fashion and textiles. They will learn the principles of pattern design and discover how to develop seamless and visually captivating repeat patterns suitable for various textile applications. Alongside this, students will engage in printmaking techniques, allowing them to transfer their designs onto fabric or paper using traditional or digital processes. By combining their knowledge of vector graphics with new skills in pattern design and printmaking techniques, students will be able to create unique and eye-catching designs. This course will provide students with invaluable tools and professional knowledge, enabling them to enhance their skills in the fields of graphic design.

Note: Students need to bring their own laptops with the English version of Adobe Illustrator installed.


Tutor:Tom Chin

Time:24/01/2024 | Wednesday | 10:00-12:30 14:00-16:30

In the "Textile Design" course, students will have the opportunity to learn the traditional Japanese craftsmanship of Shibori. Shibori is a unique fabric dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting, and binding to create intricate and diverse patterns on the fabric. Throughout the course, students will explore various Shibori techniques that will enable them to produce unique and eye-catching patterns on textiles.

In addition to mastering the art of fabric dyeing through Shibori, students will also explore print and textile in the fashion industry. They will explore how prints and textiles can be effectively used to design and create one-of-

a-kind fashion pieces. The materials that students dye and create during the course will be incorporated into the following Friday session, where they will be able to integrate them into their own personalized fashion creations. This hands-on project will allow students to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills, resulting in a personalized and fashion-forward creation.

Screen Printing

Tutor:Charlie Dutton

Time:25/01/2024 | Thursday | 10:00-12:30 14:00-16:30

Screen printing plays an important role in the field of art and design. It not only achieves high-quality printing results but also possesses diverse media adaptability, repeatability, batch production capability, as well as

durability and expressive advantages. These qualities make screen printing a preferred technique for many artists and designers. In the "Screen Printing" course, students have the opportunity to practice their creative ideas on various media such as fabrics, garments, and paper by combining photography,  graphic design, and screen printing.

In the course, students will utilize the images completed and finalized on the first and second days as resources for their screen printing. These image materials need to be transferred onto the screen using transfer

techniques, ensuring accurate replication of the original image's details and characteristics. During the screen printing process, students need to select the desired materials such as fabric, clothing, or paper. They will place the chosen media beneath the prepared screen and use specialized tools to apply ink onto the screen. This process transfers the image onto the surface, creating vibrant and eye-catching print works.

Fashion and Photography

Tutor:Tom Chin

Time:26/01/2024 | Friday | 10:00-12:30 14:00-16:30

During the morning session, students will have the opportunity to customize a garment using the work they have created throughout the course. They will learn how to take patterns from an existing garment and incorporate their own artwork to create a brand new design. The students will have the opportunity to incorporate their printed fabrics and add their own graphic elements to the clothes. 

In the afternoon, the students will be introduced to the art of Sashiko stitching, a traditional Japanese method used to repair Kimonos with decorative stitches. This technique adds a unique and artistic touch to the garment customization process. At the end of the day, a photoshoot will be organized to showcase and capture the students' creations. The photoshoot will serve as a culmination of the course, highlighting the students' creativity and the transformation of their garments into wearable works of art.