Scale drawings is a method used in art and design to transfer and adjust the size of images based on specific proportions while maintaining their relative scale. It allows us to shrink or enlarge objects without altering their shapes. Scale drawing techniques enable accurate capture of fine details in an image and present them in a proportionate manner. The scale drawing course will introduce techniques for enlarging and transfering images using the grid method, which is widely employed by artists and designers.

Through our scale drawing course, students will gain a fundamental understanding of scale drawing techniques and learn how to apply them to enlarge their preferred images. They will learn how to divide the original image into smaller squares using the grid method and scale it up proportionally onto a larger sheet of paper. Students will also learn how to utilize various drawing tools and techniques to render the image. This course will cultivate students' powers of observation, drawing skills, attention to detail, and ability to express themselves artistically.

Note: If the student wishes to bring their own image or photograph to draw please bring one in (No larger than 20x20cm). Recomended images will be provided for the students to draw from