Alla Batiuk

Alla holds a Master’s degree in Art & Design from the Ukrainian State University of Technology and Design. Her graduation project “Bionic” won the grand prize of the prestigious institution and dealt with sustainability in fashion and different approaches within textile development. Furthermore, she studied textile design at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UAL).

Alla has a rich experience working in the fashion industry. In 2011, she took the chief designer position of Lider’s Mayer group of fashion brands. She is also active within the Chinese Fashion cosmos, for example as jury member during the China Fashion Week, to which she was invited by the China Fashion Designers Association, as well as the Young International Competition among the Art & Design Students programme. In 2022, she joined the China Fashion Summit during China Fashion Week. Wanting to give back, she joined the 10+3 Showroom project which supports emerging designers and helps them grow.
On top of her professional history as a fashion designer, Alla has extensive experience as a teacher, working at the Singapore Raffles Design Institute in Beijing, and has also been a lecturer at the University of Derby in the UK and the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing.

In 2022 Alla joined BACA as A-Level Textiles Pathway Leader. Under her leadership, students will explore the possibility to work around different materials, understand them and improve craftsmanship skills. They will be able to analyze and develop many techniques available in the textile industry that will allow them to apply a diverse range of possibilities in the art and design program. During Alla encourages to look to the outside, cross the boundaries of the surrounding environment and develop a skill-set to manipulate textiles into creative forms.

Ukrainian State University of Technology and Design


Baca Course
Pathway leader Textiles at A-Level

About Alla Batiuk
Her interest in theatre and cinema led Alla to work as a costume designer for several movies, musical productions, and TV shows. Her works have been exhibited in a great number of fashion and historical costume exhibitions and published in fashion magazines, such as Marie Claire China and Vogue UK. Working in the creative field with a diversity of skills, Alla shares the importance of enabling students to develop effective solutions for art and design problems as well as being able to craft a personal style and artistic aesthetic.