Eoin Ryan

Eoin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin.

Eoin has a wide creative background, including advertising, film-making and illustration. He has written and directed short films in both live-action and animation. His works have been screened at film festivals around world including Los Angeles and the Lebanon. Eoin also writes and illustrates comics, some of which were adapted for an animated show on the US TV channel Comedy Central. Most recently Eoin has published his first picture book Seaside Countdown, a counting book about marine life.
Eoin joined BACA as Level 3 Creative Media Teacher in 2022. He is especially interested in Visual Storytelling, at the intersection of animation, film and sequential art (comics).
Eoin believes in first principles theory with an emphasis on understanding and practicing the fundamentals of Visual Storytelling. He strives to help students develop the skills, independence and discipline needed to detect and solve problems as well as develop their own unique vision.

Ireland National College of Art & Design


Baca Course
Animation and film teacher at FAD

About Eoin Ryan
He is an avid runner and walker. While he loves nature and the outdoors, he finds relaxation in sketching and painting. Since growing up in Ireland, he has enjoyed comedy and all sorts of movies. He is currently exploring photography and photo editing and can be spotted wandering the Beijing streets with his camera.