Sakura Fischer

Sakura holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Textile- and Surface Design from the University of Art, Berlin- Weissensee in Germany and a PGCEI in Education international from University of Nottingham.

Sakura looks back on 15 years of collaborative working experience with various artists within Textile, Performance, Fashion, Contemporary Dance, Video and Film whilst living in Berlin and Paris. Now based in Beijing, Sakura spent five years working as an independent art director and creative consultant for Chinese and international enterprises.

Sakura joined BACA as Textile Design Pathway Leader in 2019.
Teaching her students, she regards experimenting and mark making as the basis in the process of practical research and highly important in strengthen each student’s confidence and trust in their own making abilities in order to develop strong ideas and concepts.
Creating a supportive and inspirational environment where intuitive working plays an important role, Sakura strives to empower each student to find his or her own talent and developmental needs. Sakura’s aim is to push each student to learn through their own experiences, learning through mistakes and building up their self-confidence, foster curiosity and competences as well as resilience through learning how to adapt and solve problems by themselves.

Her methodology involves skill-building workshops and student-centered teaching, using cross-disciplinary working techniques. The goal here is to generate creative thinking skills, find innovative solutions and achieve strong outcomes as well as realize each student’s very individual potential.

University of Art, Berlin- Weissensee


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About Sakura Fischer
Next to her teaching at BACA, Sakura is involved in multidisciplinary projects such as independent video productions, especially in collaboration with dancers and performance artists. She loves to get immersed into her own material explorations and making processes. As she sees learning as a lifelong growth process, she is constantly seeking new challenges.