Tim Crowley

Tim Crowley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and History of Art from University College London, and a Master’s Degree form Chelsea School of Art as well as a PGCE in Art education from London College of Communication.
Tim is an artist working in painting and curating. Tim has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions both as artist and curator: Mercosul Biennial, Brazil; Agnes B Gallery, Hong Kong; UCCA, https://ucca.org.cn/ Beijing; Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou; Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo and The National Museum of Visual Arts, Uruguay among others. His pieces are found in KWM Art Collection, De Ji collection https://www.dejiart.com/collection/  and By Art Matters Collection, Hangzhou.

He has also directed and produced over 40 short films based on Chinese artist studios for CCTV, a 3-year project that ended in 2018. Wanting to pursue his passion for teaching, he worked for Glasgow School of Art, the Central Academy of Fine Art, https://www.cafa.edu.cn/, Beijing for 10 years and as international director at the KWM art center, Beijing. Tim joined BACA in 2015 and emphasises active and reflective learning, encouraging students to analyse and interpret ideas. Highlighting problem-solving, creative thinking and questioning existing assumptions, he focuses on developing student’s reasoning and communication skills helping them become more independent and responsible learners.


Chelsea School of Art, University College London


Baca Course
Pathway leader Contextual Studies at FAD and A-Level

About Tim Crowley
When not tutoring at BACA, Tim makes paintings. Having traversed the full gamut of art industry roles and geographical centers, Tim, from an insider’s perspective looking out, anticipates contemporary art exhibitions of the far future and in far off places with an absurd and often comic flare.